GameShooter Sport finally decided to pay a visit to the PTR “POUND THE ROCK” League this Past Friday in order to catch a few games in the League March Break Schedule for Grade 10 Boys the teams we were able to take in featured a few elite Elite Players on the PTR Travel Team Grade 10, Markham Gators Elite with more than a few high-flyers and a Community based Team from Jane & Finch called BMD which feature a player in #12 who people will hear from by the end
of the summer he can hoop all the skills are there just an unknown for the moment we were also able to take in Mahad a former Bounce and Motion Grade 9 player who has moved from PF to PG in less than 2 years this is a kid who has lost more than 40 pounds and re-invented his game as a starting Guard.

Up and Coming PG Mahad @ PTR League

We took the time to speak with the League Organizer Chris Campbell he was able to shed some light on the Leagues goals and
future for the Summer. PTR is a League looking to find and develop young player’s on the cusp of being Elite many of the
teams are bubbler’s as they say with Good players learning the game and looking for a home on an Elite team in the near future.

Chris Campbell PTR League V.P

Where CYBL target the Elite or those who believe themselves to be Elite PTR is a League for kids and Teams who are on the rise looking for games and playing time in an organized competitive environment will you see Dunks at CYBL 100% there is no shortage of Athletic Talent in the “Pound The Rock” League in fact you will probably see more Highlights and true love for Basketball and Community within Organizer Chris Campbell’s PTR environment.

PTR Represents :

1. Community
2. Basketball
3. Competition
4. Development
5. Inclusion (All Teams are Welcome)

We have participated in all of the Leagues within the GTA at one point or another either in observation or as a Coach and we can honestly say PTR should be considered in within the same class of GrassRoots Basketball as CYBL or ABS all 3 have different models and agenda’s yet all 3 Leagues are pioneers in stepping outside the OBA shell.

We Highly recommend PTR if you have a team within the Div2 – Div4 OBA level of play  Pound the Rock is where Teams and Kids can really develop there Game – GameShooter Sport