1. Each non-playoff game will be made up of two (2) sixteen (16) minute halves with a 24 second shot clock for Midget 2001 to Junior 1998.
  1. Each team will be given 6 – 10 minutes to warm up and 3 – 5 minutes for halftime.
  • Teams will receive a grace period of 5 minutes (game time can be adjusted). If the team does not have 5 players to start and a designated coach the game will be forfeited.
  • First team ‘no show’/forfeitwill result in a team warning that will be documented.
  • Any additional team ‘no show’/forfeitwill result in a team fine of $95.00 which needs to be paid or a payment arrangement made before the team’s next scheduled game.
  1. For a player to qualify to participate in the league playoffs, they must play a minimum of four (4) regular games.
  1. Every player on the roster must play each half (U11/U12 division only).
  1. Ten (10) team fouls result in a two (2) shot penalty.
  1. Two (2) thirty (30) second timeouts per half per team – no carry over and one (1) timeout for overtime play.
  1. Any player(s) or coach(es) ejected from a game should leave the bench area and gym
    An ejection will result in a one game suspension and possibly being suspended from the League.
  1. The Site Convener reserves the right to eject any player(s), coach(es), or spectator(s) from a game(s).
  1. Winners of regular games will receive three (3) points, the losing team no points.
  1. Official pool ranking is based on record (wins vs. losses) and then by +/- point spread.