1. Participation in Pound the ROCK is voluntary and the League is not responsible for injury and the loss/damage of personal property.


  1. Participating teams can play against any other team in any other league or tournaments as long there are no conflicts.


  1. A player may only play for one Organization per League session. Players may play for a maximum of 2 different age/grade divisions. A player may play up a grade/age division but it must be with a team from the same Organization.


  1. Participating teams must have a minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 registered players on each team. PTR must receive the full name and date of birth for each player when registering.


  1. Each player in divisions 2004 and younger, must play each half of every game.


  1. Each team is responsible for their own first-aid needs (including ice), alternate jerseys and warm-up basketballs.


  1. Each team is responsible for cleaning the bench area after games.


  • $3.00 per person (per day)
  • Free – children up to 8 years of age
  • Free – all registered players and up to three (3) coaches/managers per team



PTR will be responsible for scheduling all League games, the championship brackets, venues, referees, website/mobile APP updates (stats, standings, players of the game/week and social media content).


  • Any protest(s) must be submitted in writing to the PTR Panel at ptrinfo@poundtherock.ca or given in writing to the PTR site convener.
  • Players being protested must produce a government issued picture identification to verify proof of age. We recommend teams keep a photocopy on hand at all times
  • Any disputes around a player’s age must be clarified within 48 hours and/or the player(s) will not be eligible to play until information has been provided and satisfied by the PTR Panel.
  • The PTR Panel decision is final and not subject to further discussion.